Nationaal Kenniscentrum Alternatieven voor dierproeven

Netherlands Knowledge Centre on Alternatives to animal use, NKCA

NKCA.nl: offering information on (research on) 3R alternatives to animal experiments in the Netherlands

Most animal experiments are carried out in scientific research and in the production of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. There is an urgent need for scientifically validated alternatives to animal experiments. Alternative methods have been developed which are collectively referred to as 3R methods or alternatives, which reduce, replace or refine the use of animal experiments.

The National Knowledge Centre on Alternatives to Animal Experiments (NKCA) was set up in 2009 by the Netherlands Government and is based on collaboration between RIVM and Utrecht University (3R Centre Utrecht Life Sciences). NKCA aims to advance the application of 3R alternatives through knowledge coordination and to facilitate knowledge exchange and communication between researchers, policy makers and the wider society.

NKCA has an advisory role in programming 3R research, which is coordinated by the Netherlands organisation for health research and development (ZonMw,) and the dissemination of knowledge and application of research results. Further, NCKA undertakes education and postgraduate training on 3R alternatives, and particularly the legally required training for researchers conducting animal experiments (Proefdierkunde).

The Netherlands Knowledge Centre on Alternatives to Animal Use (NKCA) carried out a study to identify priority areas for the development, implementation, and acceptance of 3R methods in the broad areas of fundamental and applied research. The NKCA website aims to stimulate an integrated and interdisciplinary approach throughout the chain of fundamental and applied research to reducing, replacing, and refining animal experimentation.

The website is intended for researchers, policy makers and the general public. It is based on the expertise on 3R alternatives in knowledge and research institutes in the Netherlands. The following organisations are members of the website editorial board:

Any organisation involving in advancing and using 3Rs is welcome to contribute to this collaborative effort.


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